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Formwork Solutions

Looking for a company that offers high quality product, exceptional safety standards and excellent customer service at very competitive prices? You’ve come to the right place.

Turquoise is a leading manufacturer and supplier of formwork systems. We offer wall and slab formwork, climbing systems and formwork for tunnel and bridges.

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Scaffolding Solutions

We are a leading company in design, planning, supply and installation of formwork, scaffolding and construction solution systems in Nigeria.

We fabricate, manufacture and supply various foreign scaffolding and engineering solutions due to our partnership with reputable international scaffolding manufacturing companies.

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Engineering & Construction

Turquoise is a solutions oriented company, which means we provide a solution to any civil, architectural, construction, structural.

Reliability, experience and trustworthiness are advantages a potential customer will get from choosing Turquoise. We provide products, services, planning, project management and logistics

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some Faqs

  • Can it be used for stair & lift cores ?
    Yes the formwork stair and core system can be utilized in structural steel buildings to provide the overall building stability. This guarantees a high quality complete wall, slab and stair system that can be constructed quickly prior to the erection of the steel frame. .
  • Does it conform to International standards ?
    Yes it is constructed to BS8110 standard and it fully conforms and meets international fire rating, acoustic and thermal insulation standards.
  • How are the walls finished ?
    There is no need to utilize wet trades as the walls are ready for painting as soon as the taping & jointing is complete.
  • How is it constructed ?
    It arrives from the factory to the site in stillages where it is lifted off by crane. Each wall and slab is clearly identified and placed in situ as per finalized drawings by our highly skilled work force. The reinforcement is placed and concrete cast allowing the erection of the building to progress quickly & efficiently. Typically a floor can be completed within 10 days.
  • How is it manufactured ?
    Utilizing CBPB and the VST unique patented system incorporating all openings the wall panels & slabs are designed to very accurate standards (+/- 2mm) and produced in a modern factory to a high finish for shipping to site.
  • Is scaffolding required ?
    The majority of projects require scaffolding to the perimeter for the trades associated with the external façade however the formwork system can be erected without external scaffolding upon agreement with the clients.

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