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Formwork Solutions

The Turquoise H-beam wall formwork System

The Turquoise H-beam wall formwork System consists of 3 main components, namely plywood, wooden beam/girder and steel wailers or channels. This is a flexible system, which can be adapted for various projects and concrete pressures. It is can also be used as an adjustable column formwork for various heights and areas. The system is used as project formwork in residential and industrial construction, bridge abutments and retaining walls as well as in particular for architectural concrete parts.

  • Panels in various strengths and dimensions are obtained by adjusting wooden girders and steel wailer components.
  • A crane can carry panels prepared at the beginning of a project easily without any need for dismantling until the end of the project, which helps save labour costs and time.
  • Formwork circulation speed increases as panel dimensions increase.
  • Column formworks that are as high as 10 m high with maximum concrete pressure of about 90 kN/m2
  • Other than the standard woodset panel heights, it is possible to finish plywood installation at any lowest height and to create higher panels, using interim dimensions or H20-H20 connection components.
  • A smooth concrete finish is attained due to the wide and level surface of the formwork.

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