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Scaffolding Solutions

Turquoise pipe tubes and couplers scaffolding system

Pipe and coupler scaffolding is a scaffold system in which individual circular pipes serving as standards, ledgers, braces or ties are joined together by means of purpose designed couplers. This façade scaffolding system, where the use of mild or galvanised steel pipes are used vertically and braced horizontally using couplers or clamps. They usually come as mild or galvanised steel. The pipes are usually 6m in length.

The types of Scaffolding Couplers provided by Turquoise include;

Swivel Coupler pressed, Swivel Coupler Drop Forged, Right Angle or Fix Coupler Pressed, Right Angle or Fix Coupler Drop Forged, Girder Coupler, Putlog or Single Coupler, Sleeve Coupler, Board Retaining Coupler, Roofing Coupler, Fencing Coupler and Ladder Clamp.

Turquoise Scaffolding Couplers are completely designed to international quality standards. Users can easily acquire different size and dimensions of couplers and fittings in regards to their needs.

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